4 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, you want an attorney that not only makes you feel comfort but that has the experience to win your case.  Many lawyers will give a free consultation that you can use to discuss the case and decide if they fit your needs.  Here are 4 questions to ask a personal injury lawyer.

What are the types of cases you handle?

Personal injury lawyers often specialize in specific types of cases.  Finding a law firm that specializes in your type of injury, that is also familiar with local court systems and the particular type of liability that applies to your case.  Bear in mind that many liability claims will overlap with other types of law.  Here is a real world example, a firm that often takes cases dealing with medical malpractice will have insight into cases involving hospitals.

Have you handled cases like mine in the past?

You want a firm that has the right experience to win your case, inquiring about previous experience will help you determine if that have it.  Accidents and personal injury claims can happen under a pretty big umbrella of circumstances.  If your injury happened in the workplace then you want a firm that specialize in those cases.  The same thing applies to auto accidents.  You want a firm with a record of handling similar cases.

What is their current case load?

Some law firms have relevant experience because they have a large volume of cases, this isn’t necessarily a good thing.  If the law firm has a heavy case load they may be inclined to seek a settlement that won’t be in your best interest.  In addition law firms with a heavy case load may not have the time to look into the case as thoroughly as you wish.  Your lawyer is ethically obligated to represent their clients, but they are limited in the number of cases they can handle at any given time.

Will I be able to speak with you personally about my case?

Dealing with a large law firm means you will interact with support staff such as investigators and paralegals.  Smaller firms will offer you the chance to speak with the actual attorney and it means that you are getting attention paid to your case.  The attorney you ultimately hire will be the same person who represents you in court should the matter not be settled first.  After you comfortable with the attorney representing you in court?

After you speak with an attorney, you also need to understand how personal injury claims work, here is a video that will explain how these cases typically work.


How Is Child Support Determined?

How Is Child Support Determined?

In order to decide which of the two parents are suitable for paying for the support of a child in the event of a divorce or separation, the government put into place different guidelines to ensure that the best result is achieved when the decision is made. Every states’ guidelines are different so if you find yourself in this position it would be wise to do research.

How Is Child Support Determined?


The income of both parents must be considered. The amount of both of the parents income helps to determine how much each will be required to pay. Some states figure this out by calculating the gross income and others use the net income.

Childcare Costs

Taking into account the money parents must spend so they can work or search for a job will sometimes be adjusted at the state’s discretion to make up for the dependent care exemption on the parent’s income tax.

Health Insurance

It must also be decided who will pay for the child’s health insurance. The insurance cost is added to the child support and then charged to the parent that pays for it. Sometimes an extra amount of support is needed to pay for out of pocket costs and extreme medical needs or emergencies may be determined as well.


If the parent is already paying support from a previous divorce then the state may allow him or her to subtract the amount from their earnings. However the payments must have permission from the court to be given and the parent must be able to pay. The parent isn’t allowed to pay for the alimony of a future significant other or any other children.


If a child has a disability whether it be mental or physical, then the support cost will be increased depending on the severity. However if the child is an adult, then the court will not require the parent to pay. Sometimes parents who are divorced can be ordered to pay for an adult child’s support.

Visitation/Shared Custody

The time children spend with each of their parents is also taken into consideration when determining child support. If the children spend a lot of time with the parent who wasn’t awarded custody then that parent’s support cost will decrease. Shared custody typically incurs less expense than one parent having possession of the children and the other having little contact with them.

Child support can be complicated for those who are new to divorce and separation but with the right guidance the best decision can be made to ensure the safety and happiness of the children.